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Kim Klopstock's The Lily and the Rose is a dream come true. Artist, chef, owner and "debutante/ hippie", Kim embodies the elegance of a family life of love and privilege with the passion she has had for over thirty years for living environmentally respectful and sustainable. The Lily and the Rose has evolved over the years into a full service "Old World" gourmet catering company located primarily in historic Saratoga Springs and NYC, with other destinations that include Nantucket, Vermont, DC, Florida and San Francisco.

Kim and her team are all about creating that "perfect" experience. The successes of the Lilly and the Rose have been based on two fundamental elements. The first is establishing a joint list of expectations between Kim and the client. This is accomplished by developing a rapport /connection with the client before a contract is signed. The second is maintaining as much control of all aspects of the event. This means coordinating everything to provide for maximum accountability.

Kim surrounds herself with a wonderful team of professionals who love to work together and enjoy the experience of creating a memory that will live with their clients forever. Kim loves to be a part of the design work, the flow of the event and on special occasion the flowers and whole design from start to finish. She specializes in tailoring each menu to accommodate each client, their idiosyncrasies, their uniqueness, style and budget.

Kim's philosophy of creating experiences for people has taken her and her team too many amazing places. Each an adventure. Many of the team is comprised of her immediate family, many of her adult children's friends and of course the true professional.

These adventures have included: the Wolman skating arena in New York's Central Park for David Letterman's holiday party, to as far south as the Gold Coast of Florida to a traditional Maine lobster clam bake on China beach, near the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Our travels continue to inspire us as well as allowing us to be privy to some of the most amazing locations in our country from historic homes and museums up and down the eastern seaboard to the political scene in Washington DC. These adventures have allowed Kim and her team to build a broader community of family and friends. Kim believes this is the essence of a life well lived.

Over the years, Kim's parents have helped her amass a collection of beautiful vintage accoutrements to make any table or setting enjoyed with each subtle detail. From her Silver plated flatware to her extensive candelabra collection.

The Lily and the Rose helps promote a lifestyle that does not compromise quality, taste and the desire to experience the ultimate in fine food and fun. Anyone who has met or knows Kim knows that comprising quality or service is NEVER a thought that comes into her mind. It is her name, her home and her expression of self. Her desire is to provide to all of her guests sublime service attending to every detail effortlessly and with love. Kim is always striving for perfection.

Kim's open heart and compassion has often led friends and family to refer to her as "Mother Earth."

Kim has been dedicated to clean, organic, biodynamical farmed foods long before it became trendy. It was a natural segue when she started her business to incorporate those ethics and ideals into her company. She specializes in organic, seasonal farm to table, regionally sourced food.

Her boutique wine list and use of local and regional food has helped Kim and her team to stay in the fore front of being green. Recycling is a matter of course, we compost, recycle our oil and have two pet pigs that are friends and eat much of our vegetarian waste. Being a tad radical over the years Kim and her team excel in the vegetarian, vegan, Kosher and gluten free arena. This is all part of the reverence that Kim and her team have for each and every person that becomes part of her family. So welcome and we so look forward to serving you and yours.

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We have catered affairs and events throughout New York state including: Long Island, NYC, the Hudson River Valley, Lake Placid, Lake George, Saratoga Springs, and various locations in the Adirondacks.

Massachusetts, including Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Florida including Naples, Palm Beach and Fisher Island. California, including San Francisco. New Jersey, including the Jersey Shore and Saddle River.

We will happily travel to your destination - We love to travel.